Crunch Maintains Tribe Culture While Scaling 250% in 12 Months

Tony Hartl with Crunch Fitness knows that to quickly scale a company, you must first put all the systems and processes into place, which can be a challenge with too many touchpoints to manage.
Hartl believed that finding an all-in-one platform to free himself from the back office was the most viable solution toward scaling his business.
With streamlined operations and productive, accountable teams thanks to Woven’s platform, Hartl and the Crunch team has grown over 250% in just 12 months while maintaining their strong company culture.

The Challenge

Tony Hartl does not back down from an entrepreneurial challenge. In fact, he’s one of the most successful Texas-based entrepreneurs having built several companies from the ground up including a full-service tanning salon with 17 locations and 160 employees along with a wine empire that gives back to Argentinian children in need.

In 2018, Tony decided to tackle a new challenge and opened his first Crunch Fitness gym with aspirations to expand to over 50 locations within a few years. He wanted to build the best gyms in Texas with a tribelike culture that inspired employees to eat, sleep, and breathe Crunch. Tony is a firm believer that to quickly scale a company, you must first put all the systems and processes into place. That is why he turned to Woven.

For Tony and Crunch, Woven was the answer to managing their entire workforce in one place which freed up their time to master the systems and processes that scale business growth and sustain company culture.

The Process

Before Woven, Crunch managed its workforce through numerous systems and spreadsheets including:

  • Google Drive where employees stored files and important documents.
  • Excel spreadsheets for tracking incidents.
  • A separate application for employee communications.
  • Physical binders stuffed with a paper-based system to record their time-off requests and work schedules.
  • A third-party asset management system to manage their growing list of equipment and assets.

With the implementation of Woven, Crunch centralized and better organized all the above critical processes into a single platform.

“When a new team member started, it would take us forever to train them on all of our processes because there were so many different systems being used. We were all over the place, but thankfully with Woven, we have been able to bring all our systems, processes, and resources together inside of one app. Now when a new team member starts, all we have to do is show them Woven.”

Crunch uses Woven several different ways. Employees use it as a reference tool and as a communication tool. At any time, an employee can log in to their Woven account to access a library of “How To” articles, read through the company’s policies and procedures, and browse other important reference materials. Outside of exchanging messages with coworkers, employees find daily uplifting messages from management and corporate on their homepage.

Crunch’s managers use Woven to keep their fingers on the gym’s pulse - everything from employee engagement and open work orders for idle equipment to referencing important documents and setting schedules.

Woven also helps managers determine an employee's engagement level. Managers can easily check whether individuals have read announcements, and they can see when employees do not respond to messages or complete tasks.

“I can’t tell you how valuable it is to be able to gauge employee engagement levels. I have been able to quickly notice when an employee is falling off and take immediate action by scheduling time for a chat. Nine times out of ten they’ve got something going on in their personal lives and all they needed was for someone to listen and offer support.”

“Crunch’s culture and the overall happiness of our employees are our top priority. If our employees are not happy and performing at a high level, then our gym members aren’t receiving the level of experience they deserve. With Woven, we easily manage our entire workforce across all of our gyms while delivering the best experience possible to our members.”

Impacting employee engagement was not the only goal Crunch had for Woven though. In the gym business, there is a strong correlation between the number of out-of-order machines and membership retention. The more machines are down, the more often members cancel their membership. Therefore, Woven’s Facility and Maintenance Management features are one of the more powerful tools Crunch managers can utilize.

Managers use this feature to view open work orders, determine when new parts will ship, and estimate timelines for when down machines can be serviced. Crunch experiences very little machine downtime due to their ability to track the entire repair process in Woven which in turn leads to happy members and longer membership contracts.

Beyond gym-level use of Woven, Tony’s Crunch corporate office has embraced Woven with open arms as it has truly allowed Crunch to scale with ease. In just a few simple steps, Crunch can clone and open a new gym inside of the app. Everything an additional location needs from new employee documentation, policies, procedures, and shared resources is instantly launched and ready to go.

Since all the documentation lives inside of Woven, Crunch can streamline the training and development process. The minute a change is needed to a training document, corporate makes that change and pushes the update out to every gym. Within seconds, every gym is on the same page instead of the weeks it would take to send, print, and replace the documentation in physical training binders.

The Results

Crunch is revolutionizing the way fitness gyms are managed. They are thankful for Woven’s role in helping them streamline their organization. One of the most noticeable changes is in the way the entire organization communicates.

“We’ve eliminated chaos and fire drills from the operating equation due to the streamlined communication flow inside of Woven. We are much more methodical with our process and integration of communication which keeps our employees engaged and happy.”

Woven strives to provide their clients with superior customer service and support. Every time a new Crunch location opens, the Woven team is on the frontlines helping to ensure their app is properly implemented and executed.

“Working with the customer support team at Woven has been incredible. The entire team is responsive and excited to help us succeed. Culture is a huge key element for our business and we like to do business with those who also share this same passion which is why we enjoy our relationship with Woven.”

Getting into the gym business isn’t for everyone but for Tony and the Crunch team, it’s been an enjoyable experience as they’ve been able to grow over 250% while maintaining their tribe-like company culture - all with the help of Woven.

About Woven
Founded in 2017 and based in Indianapolis, Woven is the workplace management platform for multi-unit operators. It’s single software solution manages every piece of a multi-location organization to increase accountability, consistency, and productivity across locations, allowing owners and operators to scale efficiently and confidently. Woven is used in a multitude of industries including gym/fitness, spa/salon, retail, food and more. For more information, visit
About Crunch Fitness
Crunch is a gym that believes in making serious exercise fun by fusing fitness and entertainment and pioneering a philosophy of 'No Judgments.' Crunch serves a fitness community for all types of people, with all kinds of goals, exercising all different ways, working it out at the same place together. Crunch is renowned for creating one-of-a-kind group fitness classes and unique programming for our wildly diverse members. Headquartered in New York City, Crunch serves over 1,600,000 members with over 360 gyms worldwide in 32 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Canada, Spain, Australia, and Costa Rica. Crunch is rapidly expanding across the U.S. and around the globe.

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