Woven Helps Kueber Group Reimagine Operational Efficiency for its Planet Fitness Franchises

With Woven, Kueber Group was able to steadily scale as a result of increased productivity, operational optimization and better accountability across their operations and maintenance teams.
Kueber Group enlisted Woven for its one-stop, customizable solution for all workplace management, operations, and maintenance needs.
With Woven, Kueber Group was able to steadily scale as a result of increased productivity, operational optimization and better accountability across their operations and maintenance teams.

Kueber Group is known for its success franchising multiple brands across Kentucky, Indiana and Tennessee, including Planet Fitness, one of the largest and fastest-growing franchisors and operators of fitness centers in the United States. Today, Kueber Group manages 39 Planet Fitness locations and up to 950 Planet Fitness employees at one time. To maintain their target margins while scaling operations, the Kueber Group needed a more viable solution for managing multiple clubs – from team members and communication to facilities and fitness equipment maintenance.

Given the number of locations and sheer quantity of team members, Kueber Group faced a constant challenge to maintain consistency, improve productivity and instill accountability, making it harder to scale their franchising business. Their former workplace management process involved multiple software platforms, each managing a single section of business. With each solution working independently instead of in collaboration, it became commonplace for basic needs to fall through the cracks. 

“We have high standards for our business, and we knew that our siloed approach to workplace management software was doing us, our teams and, by extension, our clients a disservice,” said Mike Gustafson, Senior Vice President of Development at the Kueber Group. “We needed a one-stop source to manage all aspects of our business, and Woven’s all-encompassing, flexible and agile software helped us get there.”

A total overhaul in workplace management 

Kueber Group partnered with Woven to migrate all workplace management needs into one software platform. Instead of a siloed approach to all business functions, Woven completely streamlined their workflow by bringing employee engagement and communication, facility and equipment maintenance, operational tracking and audits, and more within a single platform.

“Prior to Woven, we were piecemealing everything together to get the information we needed to understand what we needed to do and when,” said Mark Nelson, President of Operations at the Kueber Group. “It was incredibly inefficient and often resulted in tasks left undone or delayed. These inefficiencies funnel into our ability to scale locations and retain employees and clients. By integrating everything into one place, Woven showed to be a perfect fit for us.”

Two key challenges Woven was able to address immediately include communication and facility and equipment maintenance. Its user-friendly dashboard organized all key communications, updates and data to support stronger working relationships and operational efficiency. The ability to manage everything in one place streamlined communication between all levels of management and employees, which directly impacted the accountability and productivity of the workforce. Through Woven’s facility and equipment maintenance capabilities and analytics, Kueber Group can create custom audits, better track repairs, manage assets, anticipate facility needs and more.

With Woven, Kueber Group saw immediate benefits and, over time, experienced consistent increased benefit. “Streamlining our workplace management within Woven’s platform has allowed us to be more proactive than reactive, which in turn has allowed us to scale more effectively with our Planet Fitness brand,” said Gustafson.

”Woven gave us an opportunity to do more with less,” said Gustafson. “We’ve created accountability and consistency across our 39 Planet Fitness locations and within our entire employee base. The streamlined communication boosted our employee engagement while the one-stop shop for our workplace management drove operational efficiency and maximized productivity. We can confidently continue to scale with the support of Woven.”


Since ditching multiple, mediocre software solutions and investing in Woven’s all-in-one platform for multi-unit franchise owners and operators, Kueber Group has seen steady growth and increased market share in their industry. In early 2019, Kueber Group owned and operated close to 30 Planet Fitness locations across Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee. Today, they own and operate 39 locations with plans to continue to scale in 2021 and beyond.

The increased productivity, accountability and efficiency has directly impacted their bottom line and employee and customer retention. “Before Woven, we weren’t able to effectively forecast out and identify preventive maintenance, employee needs and so on,” said Nelson. “We now have checks and balances in place that ensure accountability at all levels and gives us an opportunity to plan ahead for everything from budgets to equipment maintenance.”

Immediately after enlisting Woven’s help, the Kueber Group reduced their monthly software expenses, streamlined vendor management, consolidated login credentials, and more. In months to follow the integration into their Planet Fitness portfolio, their operations were running smoother than ever. 

Stronger communication and facility and equipment maintenance allowed them to function at their highest level. What’s more, despite the industry challenges due to the novel coronavirus and social distancing guidelines, Kueber Group’s 39 Planet Fitness locations continue to track above their competitors in client retention and revenue.

“Thanks to Woven, we’ve really hit our stride across our 39 locations and with our hundreds of employees,” said Gustafson. “We would recommend Woven to any of our franchise peers looking to scale by way of increased accountability, consistency and productivity.”

About Woven
Founded in 2017 and based in Indianapolis, Woven is the workplace management platform for multi-unit operators. It’s single software solution manages every piece of a multi-location organization to increase accountability, consistency, and productivity across locations, allowing owners and operators to scale efficiently and confidently. Woven is used in a multitude of industries including gym/fitness, spa/salon, retail, food and more. For more information, visit startwoven.com.
About Kueber Group
Founded in 1999 by brothers Rick and David Kueber, Kueber Group is a leading real estate developer and franchisor managing a suite of brands across more than 15 states. The company is the founder of Sun Tan City and also a leading franchisee group in the Planet Fitness system and with Buff City Soaps retail stores.

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