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Massage Heights Indianapolis

How Massage Heights Indianapolis Worked The Kinks Out Of Their Franchise Operations


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The Administrative Process Can Be A Real Pain In The Neck!

When I joined the Massage Heights brand in 2017, I knew succeeding in the spa industry would mean lots of administrative work. Processing and organizing administrative and HR documents for each employee like licenses, qualifications and specialties, background checks, schedules, onboarding materials, training manuals, and more, are just some of the pieces of the puzzle, each of which must be accessible to each team member at all times.

One of the many things that originally attracted me to the Massage Heights brand over its competitors is its emphasis on thoughtfully pairing guests with the best-suited massage therapists to accommodate their unique needs. While this value proposition builds guest loyalty and decreases operational liability, it also happens to add additional administrative work and layers of detail on top of the already hefty load.

“I was presented with 10 different software platforms that were being utilized for individual pieces of workplace management throughout the Massage Heights franchise. Frankly, I was determined to find a better, more efficient way.”

– Cristina Goebel, owner and operator of Massage Heights Indianapolis

Relax And Take A Deep Breath

Fortunately, I was aware of the need for a simplified approach from the start. As such, I made the decision to implement the Woven platform prior to opening my first retreat in 2017 and worked with them to create a custom solution for the unique franchise needs of Massage Heights Indianapolis.

With the help of their Customer Success team, we landed on a comprehensive solution that included features for streamlined documentation, integration of Universal Background Checks, chats and announcements, scheduling and labor planning tools, and more.
This has allowed my Massage Heights Indianapolis franchise to bypass many of the challenges and pain points other spa and salon owners face right out of the gates.

“Providing a professional and convenient experience to every Massage Heights guest is a pillar of the brand, and I knew the best way to achieve that consistently was to simplify communications and operational processes across our retreats. Woven became our solution that satisfied every one of our workplace management software needs.”

Feeling good! Feeling great! How are you?

This streamlined efficiency and increased productivity has allowed me to triple the number of Massage Heights Indianapolis retreats in my portfolio. With Woven, we’ve been able to maintain high levels of consistency and productivity on both a guest-facing and internal level, all while also eliminating at least 5-6 hours each week that would otherwise be spent on administrative work. Instead of navigating multiple systems to accomplish day-to-day tasks, my managers were able to spend more time on the floor with guests and team members to support culture, training and membership sales.

This has resulted in higher employee and manager retention, adherence to labor budgets, as well as increased membership sales. Additionally, Woven allows us to operate without relying on hard copies of important documents, which also saves us considerable money on ink, paper and other office supplies.

“All employees are able to access materials such as operating procedures, key policies, company-wide memos and more, all without having to exit the Woven platform. This streamlines the training, onboarding and ongoing employee engagement process for my managers, and allows the massage therapists to focus on their craft, rather than operational management.”

My employees love Woven’s chat and announcements features, which allows them to communicate with one another efficiently and professionally, without having to share their personal contact information. As an owner, the most helpful feature to me is the team members tab, which organizes all employee records and documentation in one secure and convenient place. We all appreciate the announcements feature, which allows us to stay informed for important announcements across all retreats.

As a result of seeing the tremendous productivity and efficiencies that Woven brought to my retreats, Massage Heights corporate has since adopted Woven and rolled it out across all retreats nationwide in 2021.

Raving Fan Reviews

Woven is the premier multi-unit business management platform for franchisee and independent owners, enabling them to manage people, operations and locations from one seamless platform.


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