Alleviating the Stress of Training Management:

Massage Heights Uses Woven to Provide Engaging and Dynamic Staff Training with Less Hassle and Cost.


The Numbers

115 Retreats

More Than 2,500 Employees

A Unique Solution For a Unique Company

Massages and facials should not be a clinical experience. Massage Heights creates a spa-like experience and focuses on overall health to deliver an elevated client experience. The company designed its membership program to be part of a regular routine restoring balance to daily life. As part of the company's commitment to well-being, therapists provide guests with a personalized therapeutic experience. Delivering consistent quality service requires intense and specialized training for every Massage Heights employee at all 115 locations.
Massage Heights turned to Woven to maintain and update education materials and engage its staff in the learning process. Woven created a customizable platform that incorporated onboarding and training into day-to-day employee software, providing constant access to the information. Massage Heights can generate and upload its own learning content without the hassle and cost of working with a third party.
Woven directly ties learning management system (LMS) activity to employee records. Because Woven automatically removes terminated users and does not charge per user, Massage Heights is not stuck paying for a former employee's access.

"One of Woven's highest selling points is you're not at someone else's mercy when creating new material," said Russell Hoff, Massage Heights chief operating officer. "The solution makes updating content easy and increases the amount and quality of training we provide to our franchisees."


Training Stresses

With more than 2,500 users across 115 locations, quality and up-to-date training are vital to maintaining an elevated customer experience. Before Woven, Massage Heights' training existed in an isolated program. Employees would use it for onboarding and never log in again.
Additionally, updating the educational material required significant time and money. Massage Heights had to request changes from the platform provider and pay fees. The company relied on the provider to create courses, taking factors like voice-overs and interactivity out of its control. This led Massage Heights to make limited changes. The platform also had limited functionality and was separate from in-person training.
Managers had to manually remove former employees from the system; if they did not, they paid for ghost users.

Delivering an Elevated Experience

Massage Heights engaged Woven because of its ability to create a customized solution that satisfied all the company's needs. With LMS contained in the day-to-day software, training is incorporated into operational workflows and always accessible.
"Making the switch was simple. We were able to reinvent nearly all of our content with a focus on learning and development and quickly implement it into our retreats' operations," said Hoff.
Woven's LMS content features include written lessons, videos, quizzes and practice modules to enable an interactive learning experience and incorporate in-person sessions for a seamless process. With Woven's practice and assessment capabilities, employees actively engage in the training. LMS activity links directly to an employee's record to allow managers to monitor progress. The software automatically removes former employees from the system.
Uploading new content is easy. After creating the base coursework, Massage Heights leaders can make and upload their own videos to keep training current without paying a third party and waiting for materials. They control the visuals, the voice-overs and much more to create truly specialized lessons.

Woven Internal Communications Software | Team Chat

"The beauty of this platform is we can keep adding, modifying and improving as we need to. It's simple and easy. We're really, really happy with Woven." — Leti Garcia, Sr. Director of Franchise Support at Massage Heights.

Through Woven's premium video service feature, Woven automatically adds closed captioning, making videos ADA-compliant without requiring a Massage Heights employee's time.

Restoring Balance

Massage Heights franchisees use Woven as an onboarding tool as well.
"Woven really is a one-stop shop. The platform helps manage the hiring process from hiring to training, providing everything necessary to get an employee ready for the floor," said Leti Garcia, Sr. Director of Franchise Support at Massage Heights. "It helps keep everything organized. The franchisees tell us they love it."
Woven also makes training available on a smartphone, where many employees prefer to do the task.
Massage Heights plans to incorporate more of Woven's features in the future.

Executive Overview

Industry: Health, Beauty, Customer Service

Locations: 115 retreats

Employees: ~2,500

Use Cases: Learning management, onboarding

Products Used: Woven

Key Results:

  • Created more dynamic and engaging training materials.
  • Integrated training into day-to-day software.
  • Saved time and money on training content changes.
  • Streamlined hiring and onboarding processes.
  • Saved money on ghost users.

Key Discoveries:

  • A simplified and flexible training development process enhances the focus on learning and development.
  • Massage Heights can distribute more training content to franchisees.
  • The combination of quizzes, practice modules and in-person training generates more employee engagement.
  • Managers can monitor employee training performance.
  • The automatic removal of former employees eliminates manual steps and the cost of unused user spots.