Say Hello to the Workplace Management Platform for Franchising.


Manage quality. Drive operational consistency.

Consolidate software solutions into an all-in-one platform, specifically for franchising.
Perform, organize, and access location audits.
Provide employees with easily searchable access to operating procedures so you can stop repeating yourself.
Keep important documents like your handbook and onboarding materials easy to share over and over again.

Maximize multi-unit productivity. Keep your focus on the customer.

Chat and collaborate with employees across locations.
Expedite tedious tasks like onboarding and time-off requests on one, efficient platform.
Keep your entire team up to date and on the same page with important announcements.

Decrease liability. Increase shared accountability.

Track policies, procedures, and incidents in one place.
Enforce rules fairly and accurately with one, digital platform.
Assign tasks and follow up to make sure things get done.

Ready to scale the way you
operate your multi-unit franchise?


Need to track equipment? Woven's got you covered.

"We are pleased to have been able to work together with Woven to create the most robust equipment management system available, incorporating our learnings from over seven years of utilization of our prior equipment management tool that we built and modified and improved many times over the years. Woven and its systems are climax of all of those years of growth and development.”
Rick Kueber, owner of the Kueber Group, Sun Tan City Franchisor, Planet Fitness Franchisee

Woven Release September 2019

Woven is always improving...

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We are excited to announce that the latest improvements to Woven will be ready on Wednesday, September 25 2019.

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50, 100, 200 or More Locations? No Problem!

Woven received numerous enhancements designed to help large franchise operations better organize, group and filter data on locations in several new ways:

  • Assign and group Locations by Market, Region and District
  • Track locations’ opening dates and months in operation (MIO)
  • Search and filter throughout Woven using numerous Location grouping options
  • Drill into data visualizations by Location hierarchy
  • Seamlessly handle accounts with over 500 or more locations through improved scalability




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Work Orders that Work for Franchising

It’s now easier than ever to keep tabs on maintenance performance across all your locations. Operations and Maintenance teams alike will enjoy using these new Work Order features:

  • Easily create Work Orders for Operations
  • Resolve Work Orders before they are even submitted via automatic suggestions
  • Measure and improve maintenance through the new ‘Insight Snapshot’ and data visualizations
  • Easily notify Vendors and/or Manufacturers of specific issues Consistent tracking of age and average resolution times of Work Orders
  • Track multiple assets on a single Work Order




Asset Management for Multi-Unit Operations

Multi-unit operations, especially those within the gym and fitness space, have a unique challenge of managing tens of thousands of assets across dozens of locations. Luckily, Woven was built for this exact purpose. Here are some of the new improvements:

  • Search, filter and sort over 50,000 assets within seconds
  • Improved visibility into which assets are inactive or “down” and for how long Input metered usage in bulk using the asset room numbers
  • New ‘Insight Snapshot’ to quickly monitor the overall health of all assets




And So Much More…

This release included more than 50 enhancements and usability improvements based on feedback from our customers. We cannot say “Thank You” enough! Here are a few notable items not mentioned above:

  • Set Preventative Maintenance Schedules by month
  • New reporting options to track warranty work and vendor expenses
  • Improved sort and search of Team Members
  • Improved page load times across the platform
  • Submit time-off requests for future years


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