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Consolidate software solutions into an all-in-one platform, specifically for franchising.
Perform, organize, and access location audits.
Provide employees with easily searchable access to operating procedures so you can stop repeating yourself.
Keep important documents like your handbook and onboarding materials easy to share over and over again.

Maximize multi-unit productivity. Keep your focus on the customer.

Chat and collaborate with employees across locations.
Expedite tedious tasks like onboarding and time-off requests on one, efficient platform.
Keep your entire team up to date and on the same page with important announcements.

Decrease liability. Increase shared accountability.

Track policies, procedures, and incidents in one place.
Enforce rules fairly and accurately with one, digital platform.
Assign tasks and follow up to make sure things get done.

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Need to track equipment? Woven's got you covered.

"We are pleased to have been able to work together with Woven to create the most robust equipment management system available, incorporating our learnings from over seven years of utilization of our prior equipment management tool that we built and modified and improved many times over the years. Woven and its systems are climax of all of those years of growth and development.”
Rick Kueber, owner of the Kueber Group, Sun Tan City Franchisor, Planet Fitness Franchisee

Woven Release July 2020

Woven is always improving...

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This month’s release focuses on updating Incidents to include the ability to track COVID-19 infections and simplifying Supplies while offering some additional options for using it. The improvements in the July release will be available on Wednesday, July 29, 2020.

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Track COVID-19 Exposure and Infections with Incidents

Need a way to document exposure to COVID-19 and infections among your team members and customers? Easily track these cases by submitting them as incidents. After adding an incident for a team member or customer, simply choose the “COVID-19” type of incident. Answer the posed questions so that you can track:

  • Whether the person has been in close contact with someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 (and if so, when that person had that contact)
  • Whether the person has seen a healthcare provider (and if so, the information of that provider)
  • Whether the person has been tested for COVID-19 (and if so, whether their results were positive)
  • How your location was made aware of the incident

We have also given you more control over the Incident notifications. You can now designate which team members of certain positions should be notified of new incidents by the impacted claimant type.



Supplies Feature Improvements

Supplies is now simpler and more intuitive to use.

  • We’ve consolidated all the ways that you can customize this feature to reflect how your business orders supplies into the feature’s Settings page.
  • You can reduce the complexity of your ordering process by choosing to use Supplies’ Simple Statuses (Open or Closed) rather than track supplies at all ordering stages (Open, Pre-Ship, Shipped, Received, and Closed).
  • The Supply Order email notifications and PDF report now have Supplier, Cost, and Unit of Measure listed to boost the efficiency of ordering. Both will also flag incomplete shipments by showing supply counts in red text.

Would your managers prefer to enter in the amount of supplies they have on hand then have Woven tell them how much they should order? Switch to the new “Order by Quantity on Hand” configuration to make things a little easier on your busy managers!


Supply Management


Supply Order Form



And So Much More... 

In addition to the above major items, we made numerous minor improvements to various parts of Woven. Here is a quick list of the more notable items:
  • Added ability to update your own users’ usernames
  • Drill into Location Audit sections to view how locations performed on individual questions
  • Improved view and search of affiliated locations in the Team Members feature
  • Added brand images when logging into the mobile app
  • Aligned the Unit of Measurement options in Parts and Supplies


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