Facility & Equipment Maintenance

All the must-haves of an Enterprise CMMS, yet intentionally built for the multi-unit operator.



Supercharge your team’s ability to track everything, inside and out of your facilities, 24/7.


Create and maintain a detailed profile on every key piece of equipment in your facility.

Facility & Mechanical

Track all non-equipment related aspects of your facility, like signage, HVAC, water fountains and paint colors.


For businesses that roll their own maintenance fleet to keep the business running, keep tabs on every vehicle.

Service History

Get a single view into every time an Asset has been worked on either through reactive work Orders maintenance or preventative maintenance.

Metered Usage

True preventative maintenance begins with logging all metered usage, like miles on a treadmill, hours on a tanning bed, or any data point based on asset type.


Anytime an asset is taken out of service for any reason, track the downtime and uncover important trends.


Store all asset-related information – warranties, product guides, etc. – in a single, online location.

Importing Existing Data

Don’t fear existing data migration. Manually enter single items, upload a CSV of assets or leverage our custom-built importing tool and our world-class customer success team to guide your transfer of tens of thousands of pieces of data.


Work Orders

Avoid overly complex CMMS work order systems and use a tool built for the hourly, multi-unit workforce.

See Something, Say Something

Make “see something, say something" a reality and allow employees to crowdsource issues, reducing manager work – doing so speeds up repairs, improves customer satisfaction and drives repeat visits.


Preventative Maintenance

Stop focusing on arbitrary preventative maintenance dates that bog down your techs and move to PM triggered by date ranges or metered usage.


Track inventory, counts, restocks, transaction history and allocate parts out to specific work orders.

Physical Counts

Reduce shrinkage and create accountability through verified physical counts across all inventory types.


Automatically generate restock orders based on physical counts and never run out of critical Parts.

Warehousing Parts

Manage Parts stored outside of your locations in warehouses, vehicles, and other third-party sites.



Document all approved vendor and contractor contact and category information associated with each location.

Secure Vendor Access

Provide Vendors with security-tailored access to the Work Orders assigned to them and integrate directly with their ticketing systems to enhance resolution speed.