Learning Management System (LMS)

You’ve built an amazing collection of educational content for your Franchise, now put it in a place connected to daily frontline operations so employees regularly consume it.

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Current Day LMS Challenges for Franchisors

Over-Dependence on SCORM & Tin Can

Training departments should be designed to fulfill business needs, leading Franchisees and frontline teams towards operational excellence. Unfortunately, barriers exist in the common tools used by most LMSs to make quick pivots, push real-time updates to the field, and move at the speed of your business.

Ongoing Cost of Content Maintenance

When it’s time to update legacy-based training materials, Franchisors often find themselves stuck paying someone outside the organization to make the updates; an ongoing and expensive headache to keep their educational content current.

LMS on an Island

For Franchisors seeking to increase employee learning and development, using an isolated LMS – one forcing frontline teams to leave their day-to-day operations and communications software platform to go sign into a separate system – means hourly staff and managers are less likely to remember the learning exists or want to deal with learning yet another app, so they are less likely to engage with ongoing learning.

Liberate Learning for Your Franchisees

Jailbreak Your Content

Allow Woven to convert your educational content from SCORM and Tin Can-based protocols and move into modern video and document formats, still tracking learner data but now allowing all content to be searchable and filterable. With Woven, you create and update learning at the speed of business. Click once, update everywhere.

Create a Culture of Learning

Embed learning and development tools within the frontline workers operations and communications app, keeping education in front of them, every day. Allow team members and managers to tag and forward content to speed up learning and make it discoverable for any employee searching.

Premium Video Services

Automatically add closed captioning and embed discoverability into every video you add, allowing team members to find anything, immediately, across all the learning videos within the LMS.

Track Employee Engagement Data

Effortlessly combine employee learning data with all other critical employee data by combining your LMS with a day-to-day operations and communications platform, giving managers everything they need to know about team members in a single app.

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Woven makes updating content easy

and increases the amount and quality of training we provide to our franchisees.”

Russell Hoff, chief operating officer, Massage Heights (Franchisor— 115 locations)

Woven’s LMS Features

Knowledge Elements

Build the content – images, videos, text pages – for the SOPs that define the brand or your multi-unit business.

Practice Elements

Test employee knowledge retainment before the Assessment with flashcards, sequence games or scenarios with multiple choice.


Create quizzes to test the knowledge acquired in Knowledge Elements and verify employees retained the information.


Build a real-world, in-person assessment (e.g., role-play, demonstration) for an employee to demonstrate something they’ve learned with manager oversight.


Design learning experiences for employees built around the Knowledge Elements, Practice Elements, Assessments and Observations you add.

Course Plans

Architect a sequence of Courses that takes an employee through a comprehensive collection of learning.


Define and automate the learning experience of every employee through custom enrollment templates where you control the rules and audiences by location and position.