Woven Release November 2019

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We are excited to announce a little Halloween "Treat and Treat" via the latest improvements to Woven that will be ready on Friday, November 1, 2019.

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Scary Good Multi-Location Team Communication

This is Phase 1 of a series of improvements to the Announcement and communication features in Woven. Phase 1 improvements to the Announcement feature include:

  • Allowing managers to communicate with their teams without affecting other locations or corporate communications
  • Targeting announcements to specific Markets, Regions, Districts, Managers or Maintenance Teams is now effortless
  • A new streamlined interface for quicker announcement creation
  • Improved accountability with the new Change Log - know who is changing what on announcements

Woven also received numerous database improvements to better track team member engagement with communications. Phases 2 and 3 of improving





Customer Treats!

Improving communications is not the only thing we have been working on.  In the spirit of Halloween, we thought it only proper to hand out some treats to our awesome customers by knocking out some requested wish list items:

  • New and improved Incident Insights dashboard
  • Send new-work-order notifications to specific positions based on work order reason
  • Work Order and Asset CSV exports now include all related fields
  • One-button click to easily email a completed location audit Streamlined re-hiring of terminated team members
  • Optional customized messaging on missed-shift submission forms
  • Incident details now in the body of the incident notification email
  • Add the full middle name for team members



And So Much Moreā€¦

This release also includes 28 other minor enhancements, usability improvements and bug fixes.

Last, we wanted to share a sneak peek into what we are working on in November, December and the start of 2020:

  • Upgrading our Direct Message and Conversation tools.  Yes, stickers and memes will be possible in the near future!
  • Upgrading all of our insights and dashboards to be interactive while enabling cross-linking and drill-in capabilities.
  • Adding new-hire/onboarding checklists for managers to ensure proper execution and the best first-time experience for team members
  • With a team of data scientists, we will build Artificial Intelligence into Woven to help flag employee turnover before you are left without any staff members! We are thrilled with the positive early signs of this development and will work hard to deliver this innovation as soon as possible.


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