Woven Helps Massage Heights Indianapolis Track Employee Skills and Experience to Match Guests Needs

From the beginning, Cristina Goebel, owner and operator of Massage Heights Indianapolis, wanted to avoid the many workplace management pain points other spa and salon owners face and sought after an efficient way to better serve guests and employees alike.
Massage Heights Indianapolis enlisted Woven for its one-stop, customizable solution for all workplace management, team communication and operational needs.
Massage Heights Indianapolis enlisted Woven for its one-stop, customizable solution for all workplace management, team communication and operational needs.

Massage Heights is a leading spa franchise delivering professional, affordable and convenient therapeutic massage and skin care services that broaden revenue opportunities for franchise owners. Today, there are more than 100 independently owned and operated locations, known as retreats, across the U.S. and Canada. With three retreat locations and a team of 65 active employees, Massage Heights Indianapolis is one of many franchises that quickly recognized a need for an all-in-one solution that streamlines internal communication and guest relations.

The Challenge

When it comes to operating a franchise in the spa industry, there is a lot of information to keep track of and an influx of documents that need to be accessible by every team member at any given time. This includes the qualifications and specialties related to each massage therapist, background check information, schedules, onboarding materials, training manuals and more.

From an HR standpoint, spa owners are responsible for hiring candidates that meet the professional expectations of the industry. Completing background checks is a crucial step in the hiring process, as well gaining a full understanding of each potential employee’s skill set, job history and more. Pairing guests with the most qualified and suitable massage therapists that can accommodate their specific needs is what sets Massage Heights apart from its competition. Ensuring your franchise has a manageable and easy-to-use software to handle these tasks is the most productive way to decrease liability in the workplace.

For Massage Heights Indianapolis, it was necessary to not only rely on one platform to house all of their important materials, but to communicate this information effectively to employees and management across all three retreats as well. Goebel was presented with nearly 8-10 different software systems and platforms that are utilized throughout the Massage Heights franchise for workplace management. Fortunately, Goebel was aware of their need for a simplified approach from the start, and worked in conjunction with Matt to implement the Woven platform across all retreats prior to opening their first location in 2017. This has allowed the Massage Heights Indianapolis franchise to bypass many of the challenges and pain points other spa and salon owners face in terms of daily operations. With Woven, their bases were covered from the beginning.

“When first starting out as a Massage Heights franchise owner, I had a clear understanding that providing a professional and convenient experience to every guest that visits our retreats was a pillar of the brand,” said Goebel. “I also knew the best way to deliver upon that promise was simplifying the communication and operational processes we put in place. What I didn’t know was Woven would become our all-encompassing workplace management software solution that checked every box in terms of features we were looking for.”


Massage Heights Indianapolis partnered with Woven to streamline all workplace communication and operations. Instead of operating multiple systems to accomplish day-to-day tasks, Woven’s software provided a single, simple solution that benefits employees and guests alike. This has eliminated the need for physical documentation and filing of important materials, as they are securely stored within Woven. In fact, Massage Heights Indianapolis is able to be completely paperless.

"From the start, Woven made it possible to streamline consistency and ensure everyone on the team knew what was going on,” said Goebel. “It cuts the number of software systems we need considerably and allows us to operate without relying on hard copies of important documents. Not only is this saving us money on paper and ink, but also a minimum of 5-6 hours that would otherwise be spent on administrative work each week.”

With Woven, Massage Heights Indianapolis has been able to maintain high levels of consistency and productivity on both a guest-facing and internal level. All employees are able to access materials such as operating procedures, key policies, company-wide memos and more, all without having to exit the Woven platform. This streamlines the training, onboarding and ongoing employee engagement process and allows the massage therapists to focus on their craft, rather than operational management.

Employees of Massage Heights Indianapolis utilize and value the chat and announcements feature Woven offers above all else. The chat feature allows them to communicate with one another efficiently and professionally, without having to share their personal contact information. The announcements feature takes the stress out of keeping up with and retaining the important things happening across all three retreats. Employees rely on this feature to stay informed and as a reference point for important announcements.

As a franchise owner, Goebel also utilizes the chat feature on a daily basis, but the most helpful feature for her has been the team members tab. This feature organizes all employee records and documentation including schedules, certifications, specialties, background check information and more, which also helps Massage Heights Indianapolis maintain and meet compliance standards as well as reduce liability.

“When the pandemic started, we had a large number of people who no longer worked for us filing for unemployment under Massage Heights Indianapolis,” said Goebel. “Woven saved me countless hours of work because I was easily able to pull documentation for each former employee and handle accordingly. Their support has been phenomenal.”

For spa owners like Goebel, operational efficiency and customer satisfaction are imperative to success. Woven’s innovative platform takes the stress out of workplace management while giving franchise owners hours of time back each week to focus on scaling their business. As a result of the productivity and efficiencies that Woven brought to Massage Heights Indianapolis, more than 50% of the Massage Heights franchisees voluntarily adopted Woven before the franchisor realized the value it was delivering and rolled it out across all retreats in 2021.

Creating a relaxing environment for spa guests starts with feeling relaxed and confident in the operating systems your team accesses on a daily basis. Thanks to Woven, this is possible.

About Woven
Founded in 2017 and based in Indianapolis, Woven is the workplace management platform for multi-unit operators. It’s single software solution manages every piece of a multi-location organization to increase accountability, consistency, and productivity across locations, allowing owners and operators to scale efficiently and confidently. Woven is used in a multitude of industries including gym/fitness, spa/salon, retail, food and more. For more information, visit startwoven.com.
About Massage Heights Indianapolis
Massage Heights Indianapolis is a female-owned and operated franchise offering convenient, professional and affordable therapeutic services that help achieve a balanced and healthy lifestyle. With three Indy-area locations in Indianapolis, Carmel and Fishers, Massage Heights Indianapolis elevates the everyday lives of its guests through customizable massage and facial services. To learn more about Massage Heights Indianapolis, visit www.massageheights.com.

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