Have You Met Woven’s Employee Scheduling Suite?

May 31, 2022

Woven’s Scheduling Suite has all the bells and whistles for frustration-free employee scheduling. Availability, Call ins, Shift Scheduling, Time Off, and Labor Planning mean your business is set up with all the tools needed for frustration-free employee scheduling.

Managing and communicating schedules, changes, and how time (everyone’s most precious resource) is allocated can be a pain point.

When management time is freed up from administrivial tasks that can be automated, they can focus on success metrics such as revenue targets, scaling and investing in teams and customers. Employee engagement and retention are natural results. January comes with a renewed sense for ‘getting things done’. At its heart and soul, Woven is about providing a platform to improve how and what you keep track of in order to increase productivity, and give you back time. In short, we resolve the ‘administrivia’ so you can put your heart into your business and your people.

How Woven’s Employee Scheduling Suite Helps Your Business

  • Build shift schedules directly in Woven with the same user-friendly experience you know and trust.
  • Integrate your teams’ existing availability and time off data and publish schedules directly to your employees with full native app support.
  • Increase employee retention by getting schedules right the first time, and avoiding back-and-forth communication.
  • To avoid jumping between software systems to manage your hourly employees. It’s all in your Woven platform.
  • Streamline shift communication to employees with the tools you are already using.
  • Improve Unit economics by sticking to labor budgets.
  • Set a Labor Plan in Woven to allow you to schedule employees for maximum profitability with minimum hassle.
  • Determine minimum and maximum hours per shift, designate required key holders, and select whether overtime is permitted per employee.

How Scheduling Save You and Your Team Time

  • Shift Alerts. Before you publish a schedule, Woven alerts you to unavailable employees (on vacation, scheduled at another location, or will incur overtime).

  • Easily identify issues and gaps in your schedule with four different views.

  • Streamline your employee scheduling and get an instant view of your staffing progress across locations.

  • Automatic Reminders. Keep your team on track through shift email and push notification reminders through the Woven app.

  • Labor Planning. Keep your staffing in balance with a real-time view of your staffing progress against your labor goals.

  • Once your Labor Plan is set, see your progress toward your shift goals and get alerts if you are under or over your goal.

  • Pick up Shifts. Fill open shifts easily by alerting employees when there’s an open shift to pick up. Employees can pick up an open shift in minutes from the Woven app.

  • Import or Copy. Save time and avoid building schedules from scratch by leveraging existing schedules.

  • Assign duties to shifts to increase accountability and productivity.