The Key Differentiators of Woven’s LMS

May 24, 2024

Woven’s Learning Management System (LMS) is not just another tool in the franchise management toolbox; it’s a comprehensive solution for modern franchise operations. Here’s why Woven’s LMS is the go-to choice for people-centric franchise brands looking to enhance their training programs and operations management.

Predictable Pricing Model

Woven’s LMS introduces a per-location pricing model. Unlike variable per-user pricing, this model offers predictability, enabling franchises to budget more efficiently and scale without worrying about increasing costs.

Advanced Add-Ons for Enhanced Learning

Woven’s LMS offers a suite of premium add-ons to elevate the training experience:

  • Premium Video Services: Includes transcribing, auto-captioning, streaming, and searchability
  • AI Content Development / Writing Assistant: Simplifies content creation, saving time and resources.
  • On-Demand AI Content Translation and Text-to-Speech: Enhances learning accessibility for diverse workforces

User-Friendly Content Creation and Management

Creating and updating training content with Woven’s LMS is quick and easy. The platform’s built-in authoring tools and intuitive interface make it easy for anyone to develop engaging training materials.

Seamless Integration with Everyday Operations

A key differentiator of Woven’s LMS is its seamless integration with systems franchise operators use daily to manage their teams and facilities. This streamlines operations, making training management a simple extension of day-to-day activities.

Advanced Discoverability and Franchise Hierarchy Management

Woven’s LMS ensures that all content is automatically indexed, searchable, and tailored to the user’s role within the franchise hierarchy. This level of customization and security ensures that employees have access to the materials they need, when they need them, without overwhelming them with irrelevant information.

Reporting and Gamification Features

Automated report scheduling and advanced dashboards provide insights into training progress and engagement. Gamification elements like skill tracking, recognition badges, and leaderboards motivate employees to engage with their training.

Built for the Future of Franchise Training

Woven’s LMS is designed with the future in mind, offering features like compliance management, certificate tracking, and automated reminders to ensure franchises remain ahead of challenges. These elements come together to create a system that not only meets training needs of modern franchises but also enhances operational efficiency.

The key differentiator of Woven’s LMS is its integration with the daily digital tools used by frontline employees, setting it apart from the ‘island’ nature of traditional LMS platforms. This not only simplifies user management for franchisees but significantly enhances the visibility and engagement with training content. The result is a system that not only meets the training needs of modern franchises but elevates them, ensuring a higher ROI on LMS investments and driving long-term operational success.

Franchising operations are outdated. Woven is the future.

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