Woven Launches Brand Communications Tool for Consistency & Compliance

February 8, 2024

In the dynamic world of franchising, seamless communication stands as the cornerstone of success.

However, the tricky web of communication channels within a franchise system often presents challenges for both franchisors and franchisees. At Woven, we recognize these challenges and have tailored our platform, particularly the Franchisor-to-Franchisee-to-Employee communication flow features, to serve as the solution to these issues:

Franchisors and the Visibility Gap

Franchisors leading a multi-unit system face a significant challenge – the lack of visibility into the communication flow and engagement among their franchisees. The issues increase when considering the communication channels between franchisees and their employees, creating a communication patchwork that hinders data collection and aggregation.

Empowering Franchisors

Woven steps in where traditional systems fall short. While franchisors mandate specific systems, the foundations of communication are often left to each franchisee to decide. This results in an unorganized array of tools, systems, and manual processes, making it nearly impossible for franchisors to gather comprehensive data on their communications. Sound familiar?

Data-Driven Decision-Making

One of the unique strengths of Woven lies in its ability to provide franchisors with valuable data on system penetration and engagement levels. Say goodbye to the “carpet bombing” approach, as Woven creates targeted and effective communication strategies, ultimately boosting engagement.

Streamlining Franchisee Operations

Woven eases the burden on franchisees caught between the franchisor and their own operations. By eliminating the need for franchisees to re-package communications into their chosen methods, Woven ensures streamlined reach and reduces unnecessary administrative hurdles.

Sustaining Franchisee Engagement

Franchisees often face the challenge of split attention on tooling and systems. Woven’s seamless, all-in-one platform ensures that franchisee-focused tools add value to their business, minimizing the risk of tuning out.

Woven is more than a platform; it’s a communication lifeline that cohesively and efficiently  connects franchisors to not only franchisees, but also to the frontline employees who “are” the brand, without running afoul of Joint Employer. Woven is a single platform to manage people at ALL levels of your franchise business, operations, and facilities in ways that help you save money and scale your business successfully. It’s exactly what we needed when we started our franchise and still use to this day.