April 2024 Product Updates

May 3, 2024

At Woven, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of what our platform can do for multi-unit businesses. Our focus is on constant evolution and adaptation to the needs of our users, ensuring that Woven remains the leader in innovative franchising solutions. Over the past few months, we have introduced several key updates that reflect our commitment to listening to our customers and enhancing their experience.

Work Order Scheduling

One of the significant updates we’ve made involves the scheduling of work orders. In our Work Order Management system, users can now assign specific dates to work orders, which are then highlighted in the system as “Scheduled”. This update includes automated email reminders sent to the assignees, ensuring no deadline is missed. Learn more about this update here.

Enhanced Work Order Dashboard

We have also revamped our Work Order Dashboard with two major updates:

  • Vendors Selection in Work Order Insights: Scorecard – Vendors are now selectable in the dashboard, providing a more detailed analysis of work orders based on the vendor data. Explore the Scorecard update.
  • Improved Display of Work Order Counts: The Work Order Insights now offers an enhanced overview and performance analysis, displaying counts by type more clearly for better operational insights. Check out the detailed display features.

New Time Off Report

Understanding the reasons behind time off requests is crucial for any business. Our new report in the Report Center, titled “Time Off Requests By Reason,” allows managers to view all time off requests along with the reasons provided, enabling better staffing and planning decisions. Learn more about this feature.

Why These Updates Matter

These enhancements are more than just features; they are part of our ongoing strategy to eliminate operational blind spots and empower businesses to grow. By refining our platform based on user feedback, we ensure that every new tool and feature adds real value, helping our customers streamline operations and increase efficiency.

Stay Ahead with Woven

As the franchising landscape evolves, Woven is here to ensure that your business is equipped to meet the challenges of tomorrow. We’re excited for you to experience these new capabilities and see how they can transform your daily operations.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to get ahead. Schedule a personalized demo at startwoven.com today and discover how Woven can bring your franchising operations into the future.