Team Communications

Unify all frontline workforce communications, so business messages are secure, controllable and easy to engage.


Location- & Role-Based Controls

Grant permissions to information and communications with team members, by location and position with Enterprise-grade controls.

Management-Issued Announcements

Reach every employee you desire with Announcements, so your messaging stays consistent and crystal clear.

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Sentiment Analysis

Protect your culture and decrease liability by using the Sentiment Analysis feature designed to keep your announcements professional.

Message Engagement

Verify employees are reading – not just opening, glancing or skimming announcements – and make sure the message is received.

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Woven Internal Communications Software | Team Chat

Team & Public Chat

Move away from employees using personal calls, SMS and emails and move into a manager-controlled chat environment.

Custom Groups

Create specific groups of employees by location, role, skills and certifications for more targeted communication.

Woven Internal Communications Software | Team Chat
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Automated Push Notifications

Forget Slack and SMS and send mobile push notifications to alert frontline workers of messages they must see.

Profanity Filter

Keep the conversation friendly and positive by automatically filtering for profanity and other abusive messaging.

Woven Internal Communications Software | Team Chat