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FranchiseWire: What Franchisors and Franchisees Should Know About Joint Employer Liability

An article from Woven founder/CEO Matt Goebel recently appeared in FranchiseWire: "The views and opinions expressed in this article are...
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How To Protect Your Franchise In The Mercurial (And Risky), Post-Trump Age Of Joint Employer 

Unless you live underneath a rock, you already know that franchisors (Zors) are currently fighting like hell to protect their...
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Four Ways Technology Helps Franchise Operators Reduce Staff Turnover

Woven founder and CEO Matt Goebel recently wrote an article for Spiceworks called Four Ways Technology Helps Franchise Operators Reduce...
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Liberate Learning with Woven’s New Learning Management System

With the historically high turnover rate in the retail and hospitality industry, franchise operators face significant challenges in efficiently hiring...
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Woven Partners with Crimcheck to Automate Employment Screening

With the historically high turnover rate of the franchise industry, hiring efficiently and effectively is one of the biggest challenges...
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Announcing Woven’s $1.5M Seed Round — Modernizing Multi-Unit Business Operations

Today we announce Woven secured a $1.5M seed round led by existing Woven power user, Glow Brands, owner and operator...
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