Learning & Development

Elevate brand knowledge and training to new heights, whether you are a Franchisor or Franchisee.


Knowledge Management

Centralize control of standard operating procedures (SOPs) and empower employees to discover “how to” everything that matters to the business.

SOPs – Procedures

Make all brand-defined SOPs – new hire process, termination process, closing out cash drawer, sanitization, dispute resolution, recipes – available to frontline workers, 24/7.

File Library

Collect all your proprietary information in a secure environment accessed by location and position with version control keeping everyone on the same page.


Learning Management System (LMS)

Break free from outdated LMS systems dependent on SCORM and Tin Can-protocols and revolutionize learning.

Knowledge Elements

Build the content – images, videos, text pages – for the SOPs that define the brand or your multi-unit business.

Practice Elements

Test employee knowledge retainment before the Assessment with flashcards, sequence games or scenarios with multiple choice.


Create quizzes to test the knowledge acquired in Knowledge Elements and verify employees retained the information.


Build a real-world, in-person assessment (e.g., role-play, demonstration) for an employee to demonstrate something they’ve learned with manager oversight.


Design learning experiences for employees built around the Knowledge Elements, Practice Elements, Assessments and Observations you add.

Course Plans

Architect a sequence of Courses that takes an employee through a comprehensive collection of learning.


Define and automate the learning experience of every employee through custom enrollment templates where you control the rules and audiences by location and position.

"The beauty of this platform is we keep adding, modifying and improving as we need to. It’s simple and easy. We’re really happy with Woven.”

Leti Garcia
Sr. Director of Franchise Support (Franchisor) (115 locations, 2,500 employees)
Massage Heights

[Planet Fitness® & Buff City Soap® Franchisee, Sun Tan City Franchisor & Franchisee] (197 locations)