Four Ways Technology Helps Franchise Operators Reduce Staff Turnover

May 15, 2023

Woven founder and CEO Matt Goebel recently wrote an article for Spiceworks called Four Ways Technology Helps Franchise Operators Reduce Staff Turnover.

“Franchise operators are experiencing many economic challenges, with labor shortages and historically high turnover topping the list. Matt Goebel, the founder of Woven, outlines how franchise operators can reduce staff turnover by investing in the right technology to help bolster retention. Goebel provides four steps that help remove unnecessary friction to retain employees, including building an efficient tech stack, enhancing communication, improving onboarding, and providing ongoing training.

It’s an experience many of us are having — we go to our favorite local franchise and find short staffing impacting customer service and leaving us disappointed. No business can afford poor customer service in today’s competitive market. 

Franchise operators deal with economic challenges, labor shortages, and historically high turnover. Turnover damages morale, productivity, and customer service while generating significant hiring and training costs. Franchises need help to afford to keep replacing and retraining employees. Operators must double down on providing a positive and rewarding employee experience to retain their workers. Investing in the right technology can help bolster retention.

Why Franchise Turnover Is So High

Hourly jobs are especially prone to high turnover. Before we can address this problem, we must understand why it happens. 

The reality is hourly jobs are not glamorous. Due to their nature, franchise positions require significant work and are often thankless. Workers often need more support and support on the job, like excessive administrative tasks and undefined or inconsistent processes. 

Even the most minor issues can cause a turnover. GenZ, a group filling a significant portion of hourly positions, has a low tolerance for inefficiency. They want competitive wages, meaningful work, work/life balance, a supportive work environment, and skill development. For these employees, reality rarely aligns with their expectations, and they are willing to jump ship for a different opportunity quickly. 

Steps to Smarter Retention

Franchisees need properly trained and engaged employees to…”

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Matt Goebel is the founder and CEO of Woven, an IFA Supplier Forum member, a multi-unit franchisee and a software consultancy owner responsible for building custom software solutions for franchise groups for more than a decade. Woven is a SaaS platform custom-built for franchise operations and the day-to-day management of workers, locations and operations. Woven’s integrations helps franchisors implement programs that automate and simplify the background screening process for their franchisees, helping franchisors and franchisees navigate joint employer liability.