May 2024 Product Updates

May 16, 2024

At Woven, our mission is to continuously evolve and adapt our platform to meet the dynamic needs of multi-unit businesses. This month, we are excited to introduce a range of new features and improvements designed to streamline your operations, enhance efficiency, and provide greater insights. Here’s a detailed look at what’s new in Woven for May 2024.

TWO New Monthly Scheduling Reports: We have added two new reports to the Report Center in the Schedules section, Monthly Schedule Summary and Monthly Schedule Detail.

Introducing Realignment Functionality: In Woven’s Locations feature, we’ve introduced a powerful new capability: the ability to realign multiple fields at once. This feature streamlines the process of updating key information, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in managing your business.

Team Member Notes Can Now Be Exported: Within Woven’s Team Members feature, the Notes Tab provides a comprehensive platform for users to seamlessly document and manage various Notes for a Team Member. Now, enhancing this functionality, users can effortlessly export these carefully crafted notes into CSV files or Excel spreadsheets.

Work Order Financials Functionality and Reports: You’ll now be able to manage, request, approve, and report on Vendor quotes on Work Orders in Woven. Watch the video tutorial here.

Stitch Message Live Updates to Open Shift Notifications: New to chat capability! When updates are published to an open shift on your schedule, the changes will reflect on the Stitch message in your location chat to begin the process of looking for coverage immediately. 

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