Location Audits (aka Field Audits, Brand Audits)

Drive operational excellence – for Franchisors and Franchisees – across the entire business, speeding response times to areas of non-compliance, inefficiencies or any item you want to track.

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Unlimited Audits & Templates

Build consistency across your entire organization using unlimited audits and templates, and with a pricing model that supports it.

Rich Analytics

Gain insights from cohort comparisons, performance by location or across the entire brand, with rich analytics intentionally built for Franchisors and Franchisees.

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Historical Audit Data

Begin every audit with historical data on the last six audits for the location and see how that location stacks up across the entire brand footprint, providing much-needed context and generating more powerful reviews.

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Woven allows club and company leaders to react

more quickly and get a snapshot of what's happening within our clubs to make necessary adjustments. Problems can be immediately addressed, resulting in better service for our members.”

Jeremy Smith, VP operations, Kueber Fitness (40 locations, Planet Fitness Franchisee)

Customized Permissions

Set permissions for who can perform and view audits, template by template, and maintain control of the auditing process.

couch audit

No Couch-Audits

Make sure the auditor is on-site via device geolocation at the start and completion of every audit to guarantee the quality of work.

Capture Images & Notes

Go deeper than a simple checklist and capture images of any issues or items and add notes for each question, improving feedback and education.


Professional & Sharable Reports

Produce wonderfully designed PDF reports created with a single click to share with relevant team members, including an optional Action Plan.

Instant Notifications

Determine who needs to be notified at the completion of every audit process and automate notifications.