Why Choose Woven after Meta’s Workplace Shutdown

July 8, 2024

With the shutdown of Meta’s Workplace, many businesses are scrambling for a reliable alternative. These organizations must find a new platform to ensure seamless communication, compliance, and operational efficiency for their locations and employees. One solution is Woven, designed specifically to meet the needs of multi-unit franchisees and franchisors.

A Breakdown of the Meta Workplace Shutdown

Meta’s Workplace will operate normally until August 31, 2025. From September 1, 2025, it will transition to a read-only mode, allowing users to access and download their data until May 31, 2026. After this period, the platform will be permanently decommissioned.

Workplace’s shutdown means the loss of various features for businesses:

  • Communication tools like chat and video calls
  • Document sharing and collaboration capabilities
  • Project management functions
  • Integrations with other tools
  • Employee engagement features

How to Prepare for Your Business for Workplaces’ Closure

  1. Assess Current Usage: Understand all the ways your team uses Workplace.
  2. Export Data: Use tools provided by Meta to back up essential data.
  3. Identify Alternatives: Research and evaluate new platforms.
  4. Plan Transition: Develop a timeline and strategy for migrating to a new platform.

Why Choose Woven as your Replacement?

Woven offers streamlined internal communication, efficient labor management, and comprehensive operational oversight. Additionally, Woven includes tools for regulatory compliance, risk management, employee training, and integration with other business software. This makes it a reliable and comprehensive platform for businesses transitioning from Workplace.

By simplifying operations and creating a consistent workflow, Woven enables franchises to scale confidently, efficiently, and responsibly. The platform supports responsible franchising by offering tools that improve operational efficiency, ensure compliance, and enhance communication for both franchisors and franchisees.

Get a head start and unlock the future of franchising at startwoven.com.