Woven is Brewing with Java House Locations

May 28, 2024

We’re excited to announce our collaboration with local favorite Java House, supporting their operations across 10 locations in Indiana, including one conveniently near our office.

Java House is dedicated to the philosophy that good things take time. They meticulously craft their small-batch cold brew coffee, ensuring a smooth, rich flavor for customers on the go or those with time to spare. Their handcrafted cold brew is a testament to the care and precision they invest in their products, much like how Woven meticulously crafts solutions to simplify and optimize business operations.

This dedication mirrors Woven’s commitment to efficiency and responsiveness, aiming to address customer inquiries within 24 business hours. By helping streamline Java House’s operations, we enable them to focus on what they do best—delivering exceptional coffee experiences.

This partnership allows Java House to maintain their high standards through our location audits, daily cleaning lists, temperature logs, and menu quizzes!

Together, Woven and Java House are brewing something exceptional. Our combined efforts ensure that every visit to Java House is seamless, allowing customers to savor their coffee without any rush or hassle. So next time you’re near a Java House, take a moment to enjoy a cup of their finely crafted cold brew—it’s a taste of the good things in life that we’re proud to support.

Visit Java House and Woven to learn more about how we’re working together to enhance your coffee experience and business operations.