Woven’s Latest Product Updates

March 29, 2024

At Woven, we’re dedicated to the continuous improvement and innovation of our platform, ensuring it remains the go-to solution for multi-unit businesses looking to join the future of franchising. Our commitment to adapting to our customers’ needs has led to several exciting updates over the last two months.

Here’s a rundown of the key enhancements we’ve introduced lately:

  • Work Order States & Proof of Completion: Help you to know at a glance where in the workflow a particular Work Order is.
    • Ex: Waiting on a Part, Duplicate, Technician On-Site, etc.
  • Location Audit Configurations: Allow you to further customize the Location Audits feature by having the flexibility to rename it as you’d like and customize the color coding of scoring thresholds with ease.
    • Ex: Site Surveys
  • Announcement Updates: Include a new interface of our Announcements feature with enhancements to the editing experience, content previews, and uploading/embedding attachments.
  • Policies AI Writing Assistant: Also available in Announcements by invitation, can help users draft new Policies on any subject.
  • Managing Time Off Requests: The user interface has been overhauled with new functionality to increase the readability and ease of use. Additional filters and export capabilities have also been added.
  • Work Order Update: The new “History” tab in our Work Order feature allows users to track activity on a Work Order. For example, who performed an activity, when did they do it, and what was it specifically.
  • Voice Messaging in Chat: Our mobile chat experience now includes the ability to record and send voice messages.
  • Open Shift Messages in Chat: The Scheduling feature now interacts with Location Chats in Woven to communicate when a Published Shift has become available and when it has been picked up by a team member. This helps streamline the process of finding shift coverage when a call in occurs.

The updates support our goal to help multi-unit businesses fix operational blind spots they never knew existed, ultimately leading to increased growth. We’re excited for you to utilize these new features in your operations.

Stay ahead of the curve with Woven, where outdated franchising operations meet their match.

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