The Future of Responsible Franchising: 4 Ways to Modernize Your Operations

May 2, 2024

In our recent IFPG Webinar, Woven Founder & CEO Matt Goebel outlined the future of responsible franchising, emphasizing the importance of modernizing operations to ensure sustainable growth and success. Woven unites franchise operations, offering a single platform to manage your facilities, operations, and people. By streamlining communications, enabling passive accountability, integrating learning, and unifying systems, Woven is a vital tool in the evolution of franchise operations.

The current landscape of franchise operations reveals a gap in communication and accountability between franchisors and franchisees, largely due to a mismatch in macro versus micro concerns. This misalignment not only affects the operations but also has an impact on brand reputation, guest experience, and compliance risks, among other areas.

Understanding that the strength of a franchise lies within its brand, and consequently, the frontline employees who deliver the customer experience. Matt outlined four key strategies to modernize franchise operations while maintaining the necessary structure, control, and scale of a franchise system (and complying with Joint Employer):

1. Start with Communications

Effective communication forms the foundation of any successful operation. Matt suggests connecting the brand (Zor) directly to employees, minimizing barriers while mitigating joint employer risks.

By measuring engagement and adopting a proactive stance, franchisors can ensure a seamless flow of information.

2. Build Passive Accountability

Monitoring and measuring behaviors passively can significantly reduce managerial burnout without compromising compliance. This approach allows managers to focus on exceptions when necessary, fostering an environment of accountability with minimal intrusion.

3. Don’t Put Learning on an Island

Training and learning should not be isolated events but integrated, continuous processes that move at the pace of your business.

Woven utilizes AI to revolutionize how frontline employees learn and perform their duties, making knowledge more accessible and actionable than ever.

4. Bring it all Together: Unifying Systems

The consolidation of various systems into a singular platform can reduce overhead and improve efficiency. A unified system not only simplifies operations but also enhances engagement by making tools more appealing and user-friendly for employees and franchisees alike.

A testament to Woven’s effectiveness is shared through the success story of Glow Brands, where the reallocation of over $1 million annually from manual tasks to growth-focused initiatives underscored the substantial ROI and efficiency gains from implementing Woven.

The path to modernizing franchise operations is clear, with Woven leading the way in unlocking the future of franchising. For franchises looking to adapt and thrive in the dynamic business landscape, embracing these modernization strategies is not just beneficial but essential.

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