Founder Matt Goebel Chats Streamlining Brand Compliance

June 2, 2021

A handful of social and cultural issues have come to the forefront over the past year. These societal changes can have a major impact on brands based on how their target audience and employee’s attitudes shift over time. As a result, brands, especially franchisors, have been placed under extreme scrutiny to pay closer attention to workplace issues and reimagine compliance standards for their franchisee’s employees and their brand.

To stay out of the headlines, protect the brand and promote social responsibility, franchisors must evaluate how they facilitate policies, procedures and brand standards from a top-down approach and switch to a more proactive approach that supports frontline workers representing the brand every day. This is no easy task given the liability posed by joint-employer policies. The separation between the relationship a brand shares with their franchisees, and the relationship between a franchisee and their employees, must be maintained in this process to make it easier to get brand standards to all. We aren’t proposing to change century-old policy; we’re instead looking to make the way it all works more efficient.

Without a proper way to distribute and implement brand standards in an efficient and consumable manner, brands leave themselves vulnerable to inconsistencies which can damage brand image and impair long-term business growth.

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