Franchise Training, Revolutionized with Woven’s Integrated Learning Management System

May 7, 2024

In the franchise industry, the power (and financial benefit) of effective training cannot be overstated. Franchisees, managers, and frontline workers who are trained efficiently tend to be more engaged, more active brand advocates, AND less likely to leave.

As part of Woven’s comprehensive franchise operations management platform, the Learning Management System (LMS) offers an array of features intentionally built to strengthen franchise training:

Knowledge Elements: Crafting Engaging Content

Build the content – images, videos, text pages – for the SOPs that define the brand or your multi-unit business. This not only makes the learning process more engaging for employees but also ensures brand consistency across franchise locations.

Practice Elements

Interactive tools like flashcards and games turn learning into an engaging experience, improving knowledge retention. This innovative approach ensures employees not only learn but also enjoy the process.


Quizzes serve as a powerful tool for assessing employees’ understanding of various concepts and procedures. This allows managers to provide targeted training in areas employees struggle in.

Observations: Real-World Assessments

Role-plays and practical assessments bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application. This hands-on approach leads to a deeper understanding of customer service tactics and protocol.


The ability to combine various learning elements into comprehensive courses offers a structured approach to employee training. Design learning experiences for employees built around the Knowledge Elements, Practice Elements, Assessments and Observations you add.

Course Plans

This allows franchisees to design custom training paths that align with their employees goals and needs.


The automation and personalization of learning experiences for each role and location increase the efficiency of training programs. By delivering personalized content for each employee, Woven’s LMS ensures a more relevant and impactful learning experience.

Unlike isolated LMS platforms, Woven is ‘woven’ into the daily digital environment of your frontline employees, ensuring continuous engagement and access. This unique feature means that when content is updated or new courses are needed, engagement rates increase, driving the ROI for franchisors and creating long-term brand loyalty and success.

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