Liberate Learning with Woven’s New Learning Management System

February 23, 2023

With the historically high turnover rate in the retail and hospitality industry, franchise operators face significant challenges in efficiently hiring qualified candidates and providing effective  onboarding and continual professional development. This is why Woven is launching a new learning management system (LMS) purpose-built for franchisors and multi-unit operators.

The LMS offers a streamlined approach to employee training and development, saving businesses both time and money. Training is no longer on an “island” in a separate app — the functionality lives directly within the Woven platform, easily accessible to employees who already use the platform daily for team chat, shift scheduling and other operational tasks. 

Companies can streamline and customize onboarding and professional development.

Businesses can easily create dynamic, high-quality training materials like lessons, videos and quizzes using the software’s observation modules. The modules, with features like role play, flashcards, sequence games and multiple-choice scenarios, assess skills and provide managers with information on how to best support the unique needs of their team.

Business leaders can also generate new resources using base work or templates that fit the brand, eliminating the need for third-party creation. They can also seamlessly roll out new training material updates to ensure employees get the necessary information with customized rules and audiences. Inevitably, training materials will become outdated, but these templates ensure refreshing and creating new content is quick and easy.

Woven’s LMS supports the platform’s other best-in-class capabilities tied to day-to-day operations, including employee shift scheduling, policy enforcement, facility and asset maintenance, corporate communications and team chat, a resource repository and more.

Woven has already proven to be a valuable tool for multi-unit businesses, including Massage Heights®, which has more than 100 locations and thousands of employees. Woven’s LMS lets the company quickly inform teams and franchisees of new processes or best practices.

“One of Woven’s highest selling points is you’re not at someone else’s mercy when creating new material. The solution makes updating content easy and increases the amount and quality of training we provide to our franchisees,” said Russell Hoff, Massage Heights chief operating officer.

The Massage Heights team can modify and add training as needed, and managers can effectively monitor engagement to ensure employees are ready for the floor. 

As a one-stop shop, Woven integrates seamlessly to incorporate learning into day-to-day operations.